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From "Alexei Fedotov" <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject Harmony @ SEC(R)
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 16:52:01 GMT
Hello all,

Software developers like to gather and socialize in Moscow, and this
is a good opportunity for Harmony people to strengthen our community
and spirit. Last Friday I visited Software Engineering Conference
(Russia) and distributed 45 brochures "Build Harmony in three
commands" based on Nadya's contributor guide translation [1].

I got a free pass by working at the Intel's booth [8]. The equipment
allowed me to demonstrate self-made Harmony video [2] and distribute
five brochures among rare geeks attracted by the scrolling build

The guy from Viva64.com was interested in static code analysis for
seamless application porting to x86-64 platform [3]. I sold them
Mikhail's verification algorithm based on backward constraint merging
and our free intermediate representation from Jitrino. Borland was
particularly interested in 3 Gb heap support for 32-bit
mode for profiling their Together application [4]. Oracle channel
manager showed no immediate interest in embedding our VM into their
product [5], but got interested in Apache methods of fostering
communities. With a Siemens enginner we were interactively calculating
an effect of dropping client modules such as Swing and AWT. We got a
bundle size
decrease of 10%.

While I was presenting free CDs with Intel tools Pavel Ozhdikhin [6]
and Pavel Pervov [7] gave a detailed presentation about DRLVM
architecture and experienced positive interest from engineers. Then I
witnessed a vivid talk on open source tools for software developers
and distributed forty brochures by locating myself near room exit at
the end of the talk.

In retrospective view the event was very atmospheric and energetic. While a
conference with a high entrance fee may not be the best place to
attract open source developers to Harmony project,
I believe that distributing information about Harmony use cases among
people with the strong relationship power has a steadfast effect on
the product perception. While these supporters don't help us
immediately by contributing a new bug fix, they communicate through a
broad network and may recall the opportunity to embed or bundle
Harmony when this would be useful and valuable.

Special thanks to Nadya for her excellent editorial input.

[1] The contributor guide in Russian.

[2] The Harmony video.
while true; do ./build.bat clean; ./build.bat; done

[3] Viva64.com guy was interested in static analysis.

[4] Konstantin (right) worked for Borland and what's no less
interesting he was my
teammate from Krasnoyarsk Summer School [9].

[5] Dmitry from Oracle (left) is unsure to embed our VM right now.
Sergey (right) is the author of HARMONY-3773.

[6] Pavel Ozhdikhin,

[7] Pavel Pervov,

[8] Igor Odintsov (left) and Ilya Berezhnyuk (middle) were my booth
colleagues. You may recall that Ilya is a contributor of NCAI.
Alexander Alexeev (right) is the author of HARMONY-4905 and what's no
less interesting he is my colleague from Krasnoyarsk Summer School

[9] Krasnoyarsk Summer School web site was designed by Alexei
Shipilev. It is actually an offtopic link here.

With best regards,
ESSD, Intel

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