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From "Mikhail Loenko" <mloe...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][verifier] rebuilding stackmaptable attribute without loading the classes
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 09:40:09 GMT
2007/11/6, Asaf Yaffe <asaf_yaffe@yahoo.com>:
> 2. Class Load issues (as described in my previous post): are there any options for running
the verifier when classes cannot be loaded as necessary? Please open a separate mail thread
for this (prefixed with [drlvm][verifier]).

If we have a point where e.g. two types are comming like class A and class B
and the differrent successor instruction expect to see there two other classes
like class C and class D, then for the stackmap we should place such a class
X so that A and B are assignsable to X and X is assignable to C and D.

If all classes might be loaded (like in case of javac who usually
generates stackmap table attribute) than it's an easy task.

If nethier of A, B, C, and D might be loaded then the task becomes a
bit challenging :)

What comes to my mind is if we have code and stackmap of the original
class (before instrumentation), we could extract some info from there.

For example if original class implies that A is assignable to B, then
we could choose X=B as a solution for the above


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