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From "Dan Bornstein" <danf...@google.com>
Subject Re: [general] Google Android
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:53:07 GMT
> I wonder if there any possibility of code reuse
> between DRLVM and Dalvik.
> Which chances have JIT, GC, a verifier, or any other part of DRLVM to
> be reused?

If the JIT or verifier are based on the bytecode you might find in a
typical .class file, then I doubt those components will be reusable.
Dalvik uses a different bytecode. We already verify it, and if/when we
do a JIT, the JIT would be taking Dalvik bytecode / .dex files as

Our allocator today is a fairly simple one built on top of dlmalloc. I
know we will want something a bit more complex at some point, and the
DRLVM related code very well may fit the bill. The overriding concerns
we will have will be minimizing memory overhead and maximizing cache
locality. We already know, for example, that we will want to do stuff
to ensure that we can have a (section of the) heap which is shared
copy-on-write between processes, but where running gc wouldn't force a
copy; this means that mark bits would have to be segregated from the
objects that are being marked.

> Are you interested in developing common runtime building
> blocks in Apache?

Put perhaps overly bluntly: I am interested in shipping a good solid
Android 1.0. I am also interested in sharing as much of the Android
work as makes sense. But shipping is my #1 priority.


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