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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: EIOffice Bundle on Linux, download and test
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 16:48:38 GMT
junguo pu wrote:
> Hello, all
> We, Evermore Software Inc., provide a EIOffice Bundle on Linux, you can
> download from
> IP:
> userID: EverMore-Harmony
> password:Keijweaw
> up bundle is based on Harmony JRE
> And also you can get the version based on SUN JRE at
> http://www.evermoresw.com/weben/download/eioffice_for_trial.jsp
> this is 30 Day Free Trail Version.

Thank you for your offer.

> So you can comapre the two different versions's performance. If EIOffice
> crash or run incorrectly, you can see the detail in log file "
> EIOfficelog.txt" at /root.
> EIOffice will have a default version JRE, if you install defaultly, you will
> find it at /usr/local/Evermore/EIOffice. You can instead of it by your own
> version. Harmony JRE default version is 26th Nov's version.

When we get to declaring Harmony 5.0 M4 you might want to consider
refreshing the download to the latest stable release.

> Here, thanks for Harmony to give us a chance to try other VM, it tastes
> nicely, you can run the basic scenarios. New binder, type words, scroll,
> change font, slide's play, save and open, and many other operations. BE
> PATIENT, a little slowly.
> Although it runs okey, I think Harmony is not good as SUN JDK, such as,
> functions support (picture decode, we use it to display our beautiful ui,
> saddly, harmony let me down). You can try it yourself, and you will believe
> what I said.

I'm sure that is true, and the Sun JRE has had a few more years of
investment than Harmony so glad to see that was not wasted ;-)  We are
closing the gap quite quickly.

> I believe Harmony will be more and more better, maybe EIOffice will do some
> help. But I don't think update EIOffice frequently is a good idea, feedback
> and discuss are needed.

Your feedback and discussion is most welcome.


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