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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Eclipse][plugin] Plugin can not find kernel jars in DRL VM directory
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 11:52:58 GMT
Oliver Deakin wrote:
> Just taking a look at the J9 harmonyvm.properties file I see that it
> does not use %VM_DIR%
> either, eg:
> bootclasspath.kernel.1=%LAUNCHER_HOME%/default/luni-kernel.jar

Which probably explains why it works fine with the IBM VME <g>.

> It seems that VM_DIR would normally be set at the command line using the
> -vmdir option.
> How this should translate when using the Eclipse plugin is not obvious.

The theory is that the plug-in can see the command-line options you
specify in the installed JRE type (e.g. the Default VM arguments) and
select the correct VM subdirectory for you.

However, the Eclipse dialog doesn't allow for those args to affect the
JRE system libraries.  I tried for a while messing with the vm install
type a while a go, and concluded that it requires changes to the JDT
code itself.

> Perhaps it should just interpret VM_DIR as "default" automatically?
> This does restrict us to always having the VM we are using in Eclipse
> in the default directory, and means we cannot simultaneously have
> multiple JREs setup within the same Harmony workspace using different
> VM directories.

For the moment it defaults to 'default'.

> Is there any way we can allow the user to specify the value of VM_DIR
> when installing the jre in Eclipse?

The Eclipse folk are open to changes, but when I discussed it with Darin
(way back at EclipseCon) it was more work than I was prepared to embark
upon at the moment.  So stick with default for now<g>.


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