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From "Ilya Leviev" <ilya.lev...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][GC]Bad Pointer during GC v5 shutdown sequence
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 16:40:28 GMT
Hello Harmony people,

I want to improve DRLVM reliability for EIOffice application. I have a
licensed BoundsChecker tool on my computer and decided to use it as a
first step.

I have profiled a simple EIOffice application on Harmony using
BoundsChecker and the tool detected ~300MB of memory leaks. The
largest leak (256 Mb) was caused by passing invalid parameter to
VirtualFree() function call the shutdown of GC v5.

 This function fails to free memory that was allocated by VirtualAlloc
at GC initialization function:


   gc_gen_initialize((GC_Gen*)gc, min_heap_size_bytes, max_heap_size_bytes)

            vm_reserve_mem(void* start, POINTER_SIZE_INT size)

                     address = VirtualAlloc(start, size, MEM_RESERVE,

My investigation shows that memory is not disposed because
VirtualFree() call at vm_unmap_mem() fails. VirtualFree returns zero
that means the function failure. The reason for this is the invalid
pointer parameter which is passed to the function. This issue of bad
pointers was detected by BoundsChecker.

I have succeeded to reproduce this GC v5 issue running "Hello, World"
Application (HWA) too. However when I profiled HWA using GC V4 no GC
memory leak was detected and it frees memory correctly.

So currently I'm thinking if a correct shutdown of GC v5 is important
for reliability. I believe it is because we have enough problems
related to thread termination on shutdown, and having clear shutdown
for components with simpler lifecycle would simplify the whole
shutdown cleanup task.

Ilya Leviev
ESSD, Intel

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