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From "Maksim Ananjev" <maksim.anan...@gmail.com>
Subject [drvm][jitrino] isPinnedFlag in VarOpnd
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 08:17:38 GMT

I have a question to jit-gurus in this list.

I need to create some VarOpnd's. There's a bool parameter in VarOpnd
constructor called isPinned, and I am wondering what value to pass

Could anybody please give the hints of the ideas behind isPinnedFlag
in VarOpnd? What for it is used for and what will happen if I pass
true or false to the constructor?

I searched over jitrino code, and found the only appearance in "uint32
VarGenerator::defVar(..)".  "isPinned" parameter is declared in the
signature but is not used in the method body.


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