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From "Alexander Alexeev" <alexander.n.alex...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][jvmti] Thread's state after Join invocation is debatable
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 12:55:51 GMT
Hi, All.

I've faced the following difference in Harmony JVM TI behavior in
comparison with other JVMs.

When one thread spawns another and joins it, waiting for its
termination, it becomes blocked on monitor  (from last handled event
JVMTI_EVENT_MONITOR_CONTENDED_ENTER for that thread before 'sleep") ,
while in other VMs (Sun's, IBM's and BEA's) thread which calls "Join"
starts waiting (last event is JVMTI_EVENT_MONITOR_WAIT before
'sleep"). Probably set of events depends on VM internals, but in
common sense "waited" state is more suitable for thread which waits
for other thread termination.

1. Can such kind of behavior be defined in any specs?
2. Could it be fixed, i.e. from blocked to waited state during join?
This is required for proper thread's state depiction in tools.


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