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From "Stepan Mishura" <stepan.mish...@gmail.com>
Subject [general][M3] status for milestone candidate r580985
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 08:08:40 GMT
Hi all,

Status for milestone candidate (r580985):

* Class library unit tests:
    Linux: 1 crash (HARMONY-4873), 1 failure (incorrect test - HARMONY-4872)
* DRL VM tests
    Windows: known intermittent failure (HARMONY-4830)
* Eclipse Unit Tests 3.2.
    Windows: the exclude list was updated (1 know issue + 3
intermittent were added) but there are new 68 failures. Regressions
from the previous milestone candidate?
    Linux - I have to re-run the suite
* Eclipse Unit Tests 3.3.
    Linux - as for 3.2
* Eclipse Geronimo Application (EGA) scenario x 48h -  still running
on both platforms
* Functional Test Suite -  still running on both platforms
  There fixes for several tests, also an update to the exclude list
* Geronimo Unit Tests
   2 regressions on Windows/Linux caused by applying patch for HARMONY-617
* JDKTools tests:
    Windows: 1 failure - reproducible only if the whole suite is run
* Reliability Test Suite:
     Linux/Windows: 13 failures - of them are intermittent
* Stress Test Suite
Results was improved compared to the previous one: Windows - 2
failure, Linux - 4 failures!. (There is HARMONY-4881 with a patch to
all failures to exclude list.)

As I can see we need to:
- investigate what happened with Eclipse Unit Tests 3.2 on Windows
- wait for result for EGAx48 (would be nice to see it passed on both
platforms), EUTs on Linux, functional suite (I don't expect big
changes here -  EUTs on Linux will probably  timeout again, functional
results should be a bit better),
- make decision for HARMONY-4873 (classlib test crash on Linux)
- make decision for Geronimo unit tests - quick fix, revert patch for
HARMONY-617 or exclude

More issues?

Also we should keep in mind HARMONY-4790 (mentioned by Gregory)


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