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From Ken Gilmer <...@buglabs.net>
Subject Re: [general][site] Harmony TODO list
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 13:40:24 GMT

Hello ~

   I'm new to Harmony but am wondering if a CDC/Foundation, Personal  
Basis JVM and class library has been considered for smaller systems.   
Since the tag line for Harmony is "Open Source Java SE" this may be  
out of scope but I can still ask... :)


On Oct 26, 2007, at 6:09 AM, Alexey Petrenko wrote:

> I've reviewed Harmony TODO list on our site [1] and it looks a little
> bit outdated... At least for class libraries.
> === cut ===
> 1. General package completion
> 2. java.util.concurrency: integration of Doug Lea's RI package. Goal
> is to use unmodified code from the 166 expert group and implent
> whatever support is needed by the VM and rest of class library. (in
> progress)
> 3. CORBA: re-use the Apache Yoko project (currently in incubator) as
> the required implementation of CORBA and related support classes (in
> progress)
> 4. JMX: currently we have the standard MX4J jars integrated, but
> looking to see what kind of collaboration or unification we can
> achieve with the MX4J project. (in progress)
> 5. Test coverage - we need to greatly increase our unit tests
> (functionaly, spec, implementation)
> === cut ===
> The first and the last tasks are still relevant.
> As far as I understand we've integrated Doug Lea's concurrency package
> and Yoko. So these two things can be removed from TODOs. Is this
> correct?
> What about JMX?
> I would add the following items to the list:
> 1. RTF parser for Swing. We have contribution of javax.swing.rtf
> package but we can not use parser from it.
> 2. Java text renderer for rendering text on buffered images.
> We probably also need Java WebStart and browser plug-in. However, I'm
> not sure about WebStart. I've never used it :)
> Any thoughts? Additions? Comments?
> Thanks in advance.
> SY, Alexey
> [1] http://harmony.apache.org/roadmap.html

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