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From "Alexey Petrenko" <alexey.a.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [tools] Custom runtime builder
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 10:37:07 GMT
2007/9/14, Tony Wu <wuyuehao@gmail.com>:
> That's a good idea, I think the problem is how to sort out the
> required classes.
> we may have following options,
> 1, static analysis on src code/binary code, to pick up each *import*,
> *forName*, etc.
This approach is good for applications. Like Eclipse for example. But
is not applicable for servers and other software of this type.

> 2, make a classloader to record all the classes it loaded when the
> application runs.
> 3, run as many application tests as we can then get the list of
> classes when have been used via --verbose.
These two for servers :)

> Another choice is to make the grain bigger, from class to some
> pre-defined functional areas, it should be similar as the current
> modularity, users select the functional area they needed then harmony
> generates a minimized build for them.
Yes, we can select by classes or modules. Actually I think that we
should implement both possibilities.

> But first of all, we may need to remove the unnecessary dependency in each module.

SY, Alexey

> On 9/14/07, Alexey Petrenko <alexey.a.petrenko@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Guys,
> >
> > we are positioning modularity as one of the key benefits for Harmony.
> > And it is definitely one of the key benefits.
> >
> > But there is no simple way for Harmony users to define the list of
> > needed classes, jars and native libraries for their applications.
> >
> > So I suggest to create a tool which will create Harmony package with
> > the classes and native libraries used by concrete application or work
> > flow. First of all this application should collect data from one or
> > multiple application runs and then create a Harmony bundle without
> > unneeded classes and native code.
> >
> > Thoughts? Volunteers to help? :)
> >
> > SY, Alexey
> >
> --
> Tony Wu
> China Software Development Lab, IBM

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