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From "Alexei Fedotov" <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][verifier] first step towards Java6 BC verification
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 08:44:05 GMT
If the quick Java 5 verifer is faster than J9 verifier and is quickly
becoming bug-free, do you think we may somehow suggest them to try it
for J9?

On 9/19/07, Mikhail Loenko <mloenko@gmail.com> wrote:
> as Alexei F noted somewhere Java6 verifier might be obtained from Java5 verifier
> mostly by removing some code.
> Since we all don't want code duplication, it makes sense to split
> current verifier to
> common part that will be used by both Java5 and Java6 verifiers and
> Java5-specific
> part.
> I've made such a separation and submitted the code to JIRA [1] for review.
> The modifications made are mostly splitting the files and moving
> unmodified pieces
> of code around. So, I submitted 'code' rather then 'patch'.
> _base suffix or no suffix means that it's a base part, common for both verifiers
> _x suffix means that the same code operates with different types, it's
> written with templates. There are 2000+ lines of such a code.
> _5 suffix means pure Java5 code
> I've created a new namespace for _5 code, so that later I'll create different
> Java6-specific types with the same names in Java6-specific namespace
> Please review the code.
> (it would be good to integrate it right after M3 if review is OK)
> Thanks,
> Mikhail
> [1] http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-4818

With best regards,
ESSD, Intel

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