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From "Jimmy,Jing Lv" <firep...@gmail.com>
Subject [classlib][sound] Proposal on sound module integration
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 08:32:18 GMT

    Thanks to Matthias and Florian, now we have java sound
implmentation. However, we still need to integrate it into Harmony.
     What's more,  Tritonus lacks native support for windows and
MacOS. As I list before, a cross-platform sound API PortAudio[1] may
meet the request. I've post a mail on their mailing-list and wait for
the author/administrator reply. The PortAudio is BSD-like licensed, so
I don't think it'll be big problem on license. And discussion on
PortAudio mailing-list shows that it may remain some bugs and some
thread-safe issues.
     So the remaining work is
1. wait for Tritonus to re-licensed and merge it into Harmony
2. modify PortAudio to support java-sound implementation on windows and MacOs
3. fix bugs/thread-safes issues if any of Tritonus/PortAudio, and
complete test-coverage. And re-contribute to Tritonus/PortAudio if

     And comments/suggestions? Thanks!

[1] www.portaudio.com

Best Regards!

Jimmy, Jing Lv
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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