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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] reminder: M3 feature freeze
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:39:25 GMT
Alexei Zakharov wrote:
> Hi Gregory,
> Thanks, as far as I can tell your patch fixes the reproducer and
> doesn't add obvious regression at least.  However, it seems while
> testing your patch I've found another (minor) problem with JNI
> implementation in DRLVM. I've filed it as HARMONY-4846 (" [drlvm][jni]
> CallVoidMethod crashes VM if applied to Non-void method"). Since it is
> about VM crash it may also deserve VM gurus' attention.

Thank you, I committed patches to fix both bugs. The 2nd one is arguable 
since JNI spec states that programmer who writes native code is 
responsible that it is correct. But fixing it is very easy, so I 
committed a fix for it too.

> 2007/9/24, Gregory Shimansky <gshimansky@gmail.com>:
>> Alexei Zakharov wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>>> 2) org.apache.harmony.beans.tests.java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextSupportTest
>>>> This passes ok for me.
>>> I've just fixed this failure. Looks like it was introduced by commit
>>> r578410 - most likely the patch haven't been checked on DRLVM. The
>>> problem itself was in differences between JNI implementations in DRLVM
>>> and J9/RI. For more details please see HARMONY-4840 and HARMONY-4841.
>> Alexei, thank you for finding this bug.
>> I created a patch for HARMONY-4841 that fixes CallVoidMethod
>> implementation in DRLVM when calling constructors. Would anyone mind if
>> I commit it?
>>> My patch also fixed
>>> org.apache.harmony.luni.tests.java.io.ObjectInputStreamTest.test_readObject_Hierarchy
>>> failure reported at [1]. Therefore, all HUT tests should now pass on DRLVM.
>>> [1] http://people.apache.org/~varlax/harmony-integrity/
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alexei
>>> 2007/9/17, Tim Ellison <t.p.ellison@gmail.com>:
>>>> Alexei Zakharov wrote:
>>>>> I'm able to reproduce and currently investigating the following HUT
>>>>> failures reported in [1]:
>>>> Thanks Alexei.  If it helps track down the problems, when I run all the
>>>> classlib tests on Win ia32 with the IBM VME...
>>>>> (in that order):
>>>>> 1) java.awt.EventDispatchThreadRTest
>>>> this also fails for me
>>>>> 2) org.apache.harmony.beans.tests.java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextSupportTest
>>>> This passes ok for me.


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