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From Rodney Dowdall <rdowd...@qnx.com>
Subject [classlib] Shared Memory
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 19:00:51 GMT

Please forgive my ignorance, but I am not certain on how the Unix 
shmget, shmat, shmdt functions work.  I am trying to port the classlib 
to QNX Neutrino, which uses shm_open, shm_ctl and shm_unlink.  In the 
shared memory code a control file is created, and then a key is 
generated using ftok with the control file name.  Control file data is 
then written to the control file.  When you do a shmat is the shared 
memory attaching to the file?  Or is it a clean area in memory?  I'm 
wondering if I have to generate a new name for my shm_open call, or if I 
can just use the control file name.


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