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From Salikh Zakirov <sal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [bundles] Tomcat - Harmony bundle
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 07:18:32 GMT
Alexey Petrenko пишет:
> Guys,
> I've created a new page on our site [1] as we agreed before.
> And has created a new bundle with Tomcat :) It works great!
> Any ideas about another Apache projects to bundle? Geronimo?
> Directory? Volunteers?

As far as I understand the purpose of the shipping bundled software
is to encourage testing by users that are otherwise turned away
scared of pre-alpha-non-released-no-warranties-whatsoever developer

I've seen some forum posts about Harmony going like
"they didn't even have an alpha release, they surely are not good enough
for trying out", so I think having a formal release will get more
publicity and will attract more testers than releasing unofficial bundles.

BTW, I don't remember any discussion on this topic, what prevents
Harmony from declaring an official release (as opposed to snapshot)?

And thinking a little bit more, it seems to me that working on bundling
Harmony as regular package for Linux distributions like Fedora, Suse,
Debian, Gentoo etc. or as nice gui installer for Windows makes even more

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