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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] M3 milestone discussion
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 11:55:03 GMT
Salikh Zakirov wrote:
> Tim Ellison wrote:
>> Weldon Washburn wrote:
>>> How about move
>>> M3 to the end of September?  This will give us a few weeks to discuss
>>> what should (and should not) go into M3.
>> The content of M3 is whatever is in SVN at the point we declare it
>> stable.  If there is code that is misbehaving then we would take it out
>> to achieve stability across the codebase.  IMHO extending the period to
>> decide what is in it doesn't make sense.
> FWIW, I think that keeping 2-month cycle is better for the project.
> For an external observer, postponing the release schedule will most likely
> mean that either
> (1) SVN trunk has serious stability problems, or
> (2) development stalled and no differences from M3 are there to warrant a new release
> To my knowledge, both are not true, and neither is the message we would want
> to send to the world.
> As I reasoned elsewhere, I think the most beneficial strategy for Harmony project
> now would be release _officially_ (rather than doing developer snapshots) and keep to
the schedule,
> so as the distributions could start including Harmony into the 'unstable' areas.

Agreed, and the problems with getting a JCK license to certify official
releases have been well-documented.  We want to release a Java
implementation, not something that is not quite Java.

I assure you that fixing this is something the ASF is actively working on.


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