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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [packaging] binary Gentoo/x86 ebuild for M2 snapshot
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:44:44 GMT
Salikh Zakirov wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to create a binary package descriptor of M2 stable snapshot for Gentoo/x86
> (as it is simpler than building from source, and the source snapshot is not available
> It seems to install and work nicely, at least I am now trying to run the build process
> harmony jre, and it hasn't failed yet. I will see how long I can use it :)

It is cool!

> Some questions
> Where would be the best to check in the Gentoo ebuild files?

I can put ebuild file somewhere on the site. We just need to decide 
which section should have the link to it. Probably besides the snapshots 
for M2?

> Minor nits, that can confuse potential end users
> 1) ant complains that it cannot find tools.jar
> This is probably because it is JRE snapshot rather than JDK

Yes, I think so. Is it possible to create a ebuild for JDK as well?

> 2) each run java prints
> 'The GC did not provide gc_add_weak_root_set_entry()'
> This is trivial issue, and AFAIK weak root support is scheduled for GC_v5,
> but anyway, we'd better make sure such trivial issues are fixed in packaged builds.

AFAIK this is fixed already in SVN as GC_GEN has week roots support now. 
So the binary for M3 will not print this message.

> 3) 'java -version' output is somewhat noisy, and has some not-to-the-point information,
> e.g. end user is unlikely to want to know that launcher is separate component in Harmony
> 4) Gentoo is not keen to have a version identifier 'M2', so I changed it to '0.02'. It
would be nice
> if our release numbering would be compatible with packaging systems without such changes,
> to reduce confusion.

It could be harmony-jre-bin-0.0-r2.ebuild probably? We didn't agree on 
any version number yet :)

BTW we can also create harmony-jre-bin-9999.ebuild for the current 
latest snapshots [1]. In Gentoo 9999 version is usually used for the 
bleeding edge latest unreleased version.

[1] http://harmony.apache.org/downloads.html#Harmony5_Snapshot


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