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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [packaging] Debian packaging
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 07:47:22 GMT

On 6 August 2007 at 18:09, "Nathan Beyer" <nbeyer@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/6/07, Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I've tried to create some Debian packages at:
> >
> >   http://people.apache.org/~hindessm/debian/
> >
> > (And I've created a debian subdirectory in the federation build tree.)
> >
> > At the moment, they are binary only.  This is because Debian source
> > packaging tools expect a "distclean" target that leaves the build
> > tree in pristine condition - i.e. without new files in depends/jars,
> > vm/ build/pre-copied, etc.
> >
> > Currently the jdk package contains the jre so the jdk and jre
> > packages are configured to conflict with one another so that they
> > aren't both installed at the same time.  It might be better to
> > package the jre to install to /usr/lib/apache-harmony/jre and then
> > to have the jdk depend on the jre and install the additional files
> > to /usr/lib/apache-harmony/{bin,lib,include}.  This feels slightly
> > more natural way to define the packages but I'd be interested in
> > what others think about it?  (We might end up duplicating a few text
> > files like README/LICENSE/etc.)
> This may be just an Ubuntu (Fiesty Fawn) thing, but I think the way
> Sun's JDK and JRE are laid out is logical.
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun -> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- (JDK_HOME)
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- (JRE_HOME)
> Then there's a /etc/alternatives/XXX item for all the relevant
> executables in the "JDK_HOME/bin" and "JRE_HOME/bin" folders. There
> are also symbolic links for these alternatives items in the /usr/bin
> folder. The Java 5 packages do the same.
> I'd suggest that we follow this layout and do something like this.
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-5-apache-harmony->/usr/lib/jvm/java-5-apache-harmony-5.0.M2
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-5-apache-harmony-5.0.M2 (JDK_HOME)
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-5-apache-harmony-5.0.M2/jre (JRE_HOME)

Nathan, thanks for the additional info.

That was the kind of thing I was suggesting (but without the
version numbers in the path).  I am already using the alternatives
mechanism.  I assume if you don't have the jdk installed then the
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- directory only contains the jre
subdirectory and not bin, lib, include, etc. ?

What is the advantage of having the version in the path?  This is not
typical of other linux/debian packages except perhaps where more than
one version can be installed at once.  However, the unversioned link
makes that complicated, unless that is handled by the alternatives
mechanism too?


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