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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject [packaging] Debian packaging
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 08:33:06 GMT

I've tried to create some Debian packages at:


(And I've created a debian subdirectory in the federation build tree.)

At the moment, they are binary only.  This is because Debian source
packaging tools expect a "distclean" target that leaves the build tree
in pristine condition - i.e. without new files in depends/jars, vm/
build/pre-copied, etc.

Currently the jdk package contains the jre so the jdk and jre
packages are configured to conflict with one another so that they
aren't both installed at the same time.  It might be better to
package the jre to install to /usr/lib/apache-harmony/jre and then to
have the jdk depend on the jre and install the additional files to
/usr/lib/apache-harmony/{bin,lib,include}.  This feels slightly more
natural way to define the packages but I'd be interested in what others
think about it?  (We might end up duplicating a few text files like

Duplication of dependencies that are already packaged for Debian is
strongly discouraged.  It would be better to use the already packaged
version of xerces, xalan, zlib, libpng, etc.  It would also be better to
use shared libraries not static libraries.  (Including [non-PIC] static
libraries like libpng.a inside libpngencoder.so would definitely be
frowned upon.)

I think our handling of dependencies is an area that is overdue for a
re-think.  I'll start a new thread about this.


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