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From "Vladimir Strigun" <vstri...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][jit][opt][abcd] Two-state Inequality Graph for both Lower and Upper problems
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 07:42:01 GMT

On 17 Jul 2007 02:44:25 +0400, Egor Pasko <egor.pasko@gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I am not very stuck with ABCD. I am not. Not at all. Not am I.
> Ehm.
> Lickily, I finished digging into the implementation and making sure it
> is correct. Now I am pretty confident that classic_abcd does the right
> thing! (no guarantees, you know, it's software) Had to refactor the
> code a bit to fill in the gaps of my poor understanding. I think, we
> should commit the changes...
> featuring:
> * two-state Inequality Graph, dot printing is just beautiful
> * better readability
> * unit-like-tests against the new functionality
> * option: -XX:jit.arg.dump_abcd_stats=true to dump stats (total/eliminated)
> * same amount of checks eliminated as before
> * well-known tests breaking oldish ABCD _passed_, of course
> in all, HARMONY-4476 (more details in JIRA)
> Given that Windows is not what I am lucky with today, if a JIT guru
> (Pavel, Mikhail, George?) had time to take a look at the patch and run
> 'build test' on Windows that would be really-really great!
> And now the ugly porn:
> 1. I could not run almost all of DaCapo benches for various reasons, so
>   tested only on hsqldb, wow, anybody aware of it or is it just me
>   ugly little creature? had little time, sorry

Could you please describe what problems do you have with running Dacapo?
I've checked your patch on all dacapo benches and I haven't see any
boost or degradation (release build rev 556923).


> 2. ~10% bounds checks removed in hot methods and 8% in total, with
>   ABCD innocent and many other optimizations very very guilty or
>   absent. OMG!
> 3. "memopt" is probably the ugliest!! In my example:
>   1. array A lies in a non-volatile field
>   2. A.length is computed right in the method entrance
>   3. A is then loaded via "ldfield" bytecode instruction in the
>      middle of the method
>   4. nothing writes to the field, just accesses elements of A
>   And who could imagine that A.length would be computed twice with
>   "memopt" having nothing to do with second appearance A.length?
>   Thus, not eliminating the second appearance of this sequence:
>   I9:ldflda    [t1.BidirectionalBubbleSort2::a] -) t4:ref:int32[]
>   I10:ldind.unc:[]  [t4] ((t2,t3)) -) t5:int32[]
>   I11:chknull   t5 -) t6:tau
>   I12:tauhastype      t5,int32[] -) t7:tau
>   I13:arraylen  t5 ((t6,t7)) -) t8:int32
>   this is what should be optimized out definitely! and the thing that
>   breaks two A.length-s apart killing the idea of ABCD.
> 4. "loop versioning" is not implemented, and this is what I would like
>   to take. I already wrote some 2-component-nullstone-like
>   performance tests to detect how good a JVM deals with loop
>   versioning. Will post the bunch of them soon.
> JIT gurus,
> given the ugly (1) - (4), rather critical for performance do you like
> the idea to fight them in a high priority? Could you share your
> vision, please?
> --
> Egor Pasko

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