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From "Alexander Kleymenov" <kleyme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [build test2] add ibm j9 testsuite for new build test infrastructure to support harmony classlib with ibm j9 vm
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:35:53 GMT
Hi Sean,

On 6/25/07, Sean Qiu <sean.xx.qiu@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, build test infrastructure gurus
> I have created a jira 4275[1] to aadd ibm j9 testsuite for new build
> test infrastructure to support harmony classlib with ibm j9 vm. It is
> my first patch fo adding test suite for harmony' bti, so i am not sure
> whether it confirms to the convetion of bti.
> It implements adaptor interfaces of setup, run, clean in adaptor.xml
> and define parameters in parameters.xml
> adaptor.xml
> 1.setup
>    Make sure IBM J9 VM file has been downloaded and placed in the right place

With such an implementation user will be asked for J9 VM after test run
has been launched (with BTI ERROR). It can be slightly inconvenient.
To make it more usable I suggest to describe additional required parameter
in parameters.xml requiring the location of archived J9.
In this case user will be asked for J9 location on BTI setup stage.

> 2.run
>    Unzip the vm file to right palce, and copy classlib from classlib test suite
> 3.clean
>    clean the jre maintained in step "run"


> parameters.xml
> required
>    ${classlib.trunk}: Path to Classlib Workspace

and (if to follow the suggested approach):

${j9.arch.location}: Path to archive with J9 VM downloaded from

(with no value by default, only description. user will specify the
path in required-parameters.properties file)

> shared
>    ${jre.dir value}: the path of jre with IBM J9 VM
>    ${jvm.location value}: the path to IBM J9 V


> One question is that property ${ibm_j9.build.dir} defined in
> adaptor.xml now is pointing to ${checkouts.dir}/${suite.name}.
> I place the classlib and j9 vm in it,  they are copy from other place
> rather than check out from a repository.
> For there is no proper dir in ${root}/build for this purpose, i place
> them in ${checkouts.dir}/${suite.name} to follow its counterpart drlvm
> test suite.
> Is this approach all right?

The J9+CLASSLIB is an execution product of ibm_j9 test suite.
I think it should be placed under ${results.dir}/${suite.name} dir.

Thank you,

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