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From "Alexander Kleymenov" <kleyme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [build test2] Going to integrate derby junit test into new buildtest infrastructure
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 07:26:00 GMT

> So i can put the souce code of derby to ${checkouts.dir}/derby-test.
> Should i delete the souce code when run the clean target?

Interesting question!
We should have some means to deal with broken or unnecessary svn repositories.
Let's leave it to BTI. There should be some BTI's target like
distclean or clean-co which will do that. So it is not necessary for clean
target to delete the sources.

> And to test the derby with harmony classlib,  can we switch between
> different VMs (like IBM J9 and Drlvm) by BTI ?

The more appropriate way I see is implementing of additional test
suite (ibm_j9) which will depend on 'classlib' and provide path to JRE
as shared parameter (like drlvm now). So, to launch derby-test on
J9+Classlib the following test suites combination will be in use:


and the following parameters should be specified in
framework.local.properties file:

  - to switch the dependency from 'drlvm' to another jvm

  - to allow DTI to determine which JRE will be used by derby-test.
    Note: the value of the property should be unresolved shared
    parameter value (exactly as written above).
    Without this line BTI won't know where to take the default value
    for required parameter.


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