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From "Alexander Kleymenov" <kleyme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [build test2] Going to integrate derby junit test into new buildtest infrastructure
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 04:43:53 GMT
Hi Sean,

On 6/21/07, Sean Qiu <sean.xx.qiu@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello buildtest infrastructure gurus,
> In the trunk codeline (10.3 and later) Derby is migrating testing
> using JUnit. All new tests are being written using JUnit and a number
> of the older harness based tests have been converted. I want to
> integrate apache derby junit test into our BTI.

Fine! It will be really important extension of the Harmony Test Base!
I'm looking forward to see them under HY BTI!

> I want to implement Adaptor interface for Derby Test Suite of "setup",
> "run", "clean" targets in ${root.dir}/derby-test/adaptor.xml.

It's OK!

> And define the parameters in ${root.dir}/my-test-suite/parameters.xml.

Did you mean ${root.dir}/derby-test/parameters.xml ?

> I'm going to implement the adaptor.xml according to following steps:
> 1.setup
>  a). Check out the derby source to ${checkouts.dir}/derby-test.
>  b). Build the source code, complile all the classes for test.

Fine! Setup should make all of the preparations before actual test suite

> 2. run
>  a). Run the junit tests and move reports to ${results.dir}/${suite.name}

Yes! To make the BTI aware of these test reports you should also describe
directory containing the reports in parameters.xml. Look at
for example (note: the property classlib-test.results.dir is set in

> 3. clean
>  a). Delete all the files generated by building.

Right! And also test reports. Everything generated.

> Are my steps all right? I need the BTI gurus suggestion.

Yes you've got the idea!

> By the way, where should i locate the dependency files configured in
> <external/> of  parameters.xml? Or just let them stay in the default
> dir ${root.dir}/build/libs for jar files or ${root.dir}/build/arch for
> zip files.

You should not locate them by yourself. You should just describe them
as <external> parameters. BTI will process these descriptions, download
them, and provide the locations by means of
ext.${ext-dependency-name}.location properties.
Externals Fetching module of BTI is not fully-feature-implemented.
Now it supports processing of only jar and zip. For usage examples you can
look at ${root}/scripts/parameters.xml. If current functionality does
not feet to your
needs you can download them by yourself (by adaptor.xml). In this case other
test suites can not reuse them so you can place them to the place where your
clean target can delete them.


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