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From "Sean Qiu" <sean.xx....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [build test2] Going to integrate derby junit test into new buildtest infrastructure
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 06:14:44 GMT
2007/6/21, Alexander Kleymenov <kleymenov@gmail.com>:
> Hi Sean,
> On 6/21/07, Sean Qiu <sean.xx.qiu@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello buildtest infrastructure gurus,
> >
> > In the trunk codeline (10.3 and later) Derby is migrating testing
> > using JUnit. All new tests are being written using JUnit and a number
> > of the older harness based tests have been converted. I want to
> > integrate apache derby junit test into our BTI.
> Fine! It will be really important extension of the Harmony Test Base!
> I'm looking forward to see them under HY BTI!
> > I want to implement Adaptor interface for Derby Test Suite of "setup",
> > "run", "clean" targets in ${root.dir}/derby-test/adaptor.xml.
> It's OK!
> > And define the parameters in ${root.dir}/my-test-suite/parameters.xml.
> Did you mean ${root.dir}/derby-test/parameters.xml ?

Yes, my-test-suite means derby-test.

> > I'm going to implement the adaptor.xml according to following steps:
> > 1.setup
> >  a). Check out the derby source to ${checkouts.dir}/derby-test.
> >  b). Build the source code, complile all the classes for test.
> Fine! Setup should make all of the preparations before actual test suite
> execution.

So i can put the souce code of derby to ${checkouts.dir}/derby-test.
Should i delete the souce code when run the clean target?

> > 2. run
> >  a). Run the junit tests and move reports to ${results.dir}/${suite.name}
> Yes! To make the BTI aware of these test reports you should also describe
> directory containing the reports in parameters.xml. Look at
>    adaptors/classlib-test/parametrs.xml
> for example (note: the property classlib-test.results.dir is set in
> adaptor.xml).
> > 3. clean
> >  a). Delete all the files generated by building.
> Right! And also test reports. Everything generated.

Thanks for your reminding. :)

> > Are my steps all right? I need the BTI gurus suggestion.
> Yes you've got the idea!
> > By the way, where should i locate the dependency files configured in
> > <external/> of  parameters.xml? Or just let them stay in the default
> > dir ${root.dir}/build/libs for jar files or ${root.dir}/build/arch for
> > zip files.
> You should not locate them by yourself. You should just describe them
> as <external> parameters. BTI will process these descriptions, download
> them, and provide the locations by means of
> ext.${ext-dependency-name}.location properties.
> Externals Fetching module of BTI is not fully-feature-implemented.
> Now it supports processing of only jar and zip. For usage examples you can
> look at ${root}/scripts/parameters.xml. If current functionality does
> not feet to your
> needs you can download them by yourself (by adaptor.xml). In this case other
> test suites can not reuse them so you can place them to the place where your
> clean target can delete them.

Great,  you enlighten me on this issue, for i have to unzip some files
to feet the test's needs. So i can unzip them to some appropriate
places(a temp directory in ${root}/build ) as long as the clean target
will delete them.

> Thanks,
> Alexander

And to test the derby with harmony classlib,  can we switch between
different VMs (like IBM J9 and Drlvm) by BTI ?

Thanks  very much, Alexander.
Sean Qiu

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