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From "Mikhail Loenko" <mloe...@gmail.com>
Subject [general][doc] snapshot download page
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2007 10:35:37 GMT
we now have two pages where people can download snapshots.

the first page is where latest snapshots are available:

The second one where there is a short history of snapshots and their testing
results, people have a choice of what to download and my choose not very
latest snapshot.

I think it's better not to offer just latest snapshot without any alternative,
since people who tried a broken build may make wrong conclusions about
the project state.

So I suggest that we remove 5.0 snapshots from downloads.html
and put a link there to snapshots_v5.html. We may also take
what we now have on downloads.html and put it in the same format to



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