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From "Stepan Mishura" <stepan.mish...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] new snapshot for M2
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 18:15:14 GMT
On 6/27/07, Tim Ellison wrote:
> Stepan Mishura wrote:
> > On 6/26/07, Tim Ellison wrote:
> >> If you have spare cycles to do more testing then maybe you could test
> >> the current candidate some more. I think that would of greater value
> >> than overlapping the same tests on a new candidate that will be
> >> essentially the same.
> >
> > I don't see any issue with overlapping tests results.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is a problem - test away!
> I expect your results to be very similar.
> > There is no guarantee that we'll have correct quick fix for
> > StrictMath/Beans by next morning. But by next morning we'll have the
> > same test results matrix (that includes 'short' test suites) for new
> > snapshot(with last fixes) like we have now for r550333.
> Understood.  But you would expect to run the long tests on the actual
> milestone too, right?  AFAIK they are still running on this candidate.
> > So we can say
> > for sure that a new snapshot is slightly better then previous one. And
> > if latter we find that fixes for StrictMath/Beans are not good we may
> > declare the new shapshot as M2.
> Not sure I understand what you mean by declaring M2 if the fixes are not
> good?

We'll have the next milestone candidates:
1) r550333
2) with HARMONY-4285 and HARMONY-4269
3) with fixed StrictMath/Beans (in case if fixes are ready)

The second candidate is supposed to be is slightly better then
previous one(r550333). Let's test it! Also if we have fixes for
StrictMath/Beans let's create the third candidate and test it too. If
the third candidate is the best we'll promote it as M2 otherwise we'll
promote the second one.


> > IMO, we can apply the same rule for testing during code freeze as do
> > for commiting: "do it early and often".
> oh yeah, and "be smart" :-)  Keep up the good work Stepan!
> Regards,
> Tim

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