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From "Angela Lin" <alin.harm...@gmail.com>
Subject hythread_detach limitation
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 17:35:20 GMT
Hi folks,

Could you take a peek at:

The docs/comments for hythread_detach() and
HyThreadLibrary->thread_detach() should be amended to note the
limitation that these functions can only be used to detach the
_current_ thread (and not any arbitrary thread).

Because these funcs accept a hythread_t parameter, this may not be obvious.

This limitation exists because the implementation may use some thread
local storage.

It's not quite a bug. I think it's a limitation that was accidentally
omitted from our original document/spec for the hythread API.

I hope you think this limitation is reasonable - it's
implementation-influenced, but I think other implementations might
want to use thread local storage too.

Angela Lin, IBM Ottawa Software Lab

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