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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ECJ and Harmony
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 16:02:04 GMT
Olivier Thomann wrote:
> news <news@sea.gmane.org> wrote on 2007-05-23 11:37:09:
>> Olivier Thomann wrote:
>> Ah I was mistaken when I wrote that org.apache.harmony.boot.class.path 
>> is the right property to be used. This property is created by classlib 
>> initialization code and actually specifies all JAR files which classlib 
>> has (kernel classes are VM specific). DRLVM adds kernel.jar to the 
>> property and creates vm.boot.class.path and sun.boot.class.path, the 
>> latter for compatibility with Sun.
> I could search for "sun.boot.class.path" first and if not present, use 
> "vm.boot.class.path".

Just small correction, if sun.boot.class.path is not found, search for 
org.apache.harmony.boot.class.path. It is the only property that IBM VME 
provides, and it has correct value for it. On DRLVM sun.boot.class.path 
and vm.boot.class.path are equal and contain kernel.jar, while 
org.apache.harmony.boot.class.path doesn't contain it (this should not 
be a problem if you search for sun.boot.class.path first).

> Then this would not require any change in the Harmony properties. So as 
> long as these 
> properties are properly initialized, it should work fine.
> I'll preserve the current heuristic in case none of the properties is set.

Sure. I wonder what IBM's J9 provides. I saw some code in eclipse which 
reads com.ibm.oti.system.class.path property. But maybe it provides 
sun.boot.class.path for compatibility too...

> Does this sound good enough?




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