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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [general]Apache Harmony 5.0 M1 does not start on Windows 2000 CZ with service pack 4.
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 16:43:40 GMT
Radek Terber wrote:
> Apache Harmony 5.0 M1 does not start on Windows 2000 CZ with service 
> pack 4.
> After download Apache Harmony 5.0 M1, unpack it into directory
> "C:\java\jdk\apache\jre\" and execute any "java" command (for example: 
> "C:\java\jdk\apache\jre\bin\java.exe -Xmx256M -classpath
> .;L:\test;L:\java\progs\jdp\#classes;L:\work;L:\work\all;L:\java\lib\jce.jar;L:\java\lib\rsysjce.jar;L:\work\rts\exe;L:\java\jndi\lib\jndi.jar;L:\java\lib\jdbcall.jar

> rts.system.RTsSystem server= project=msql noLocalKeys=true")
> i obtained this message (in czech language):
>    "Vstupní bod procedury AddVectoredExceptionHandler se nepodařilo v
> dynamicky propojované knihovně KERNEL32.dll nalézt",
> which has english equivalent:
>    "Entry point of procedure AddVectoredExceptionHandler not found in
> dynamic library KERNEL32.dll".
> I cannot test the Hatmony JVM on other language muttation of Windows
> (than Czech), but this (or similar) problem is quite old (i tested
> Harmony probably 5 months ago, and the behaviour of JVM was similar).

The problem is with AddVectoredExceptionHandler function. It is a new 
API which exists only in windows XP and later versions of windows (like 
2003 server). To make windows 2000 work it is necessary to change drlvm 
to use older structured exceptions handling API. It is on the TODO list 
but not at the top of it, so the change to use SEH was not do yet.


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