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From "Xiao-Feng Li" <xiaofeng...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [testing][general] CC/CI reports failures
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 03:44:40 GMT
On 5/14/07, Vladimir Ivanov <ivavladimir@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> the summary of CC/CI status available at
> http://www.harmonytest.org/upload/cc1.html and
> http://www.harmonytest.org/upload/cc2.html
> is:
> 1) the classlib test test_CtorLjava_io_ByteArrayInputStreamClass (from
> org.apache.harmony.security.tests.asn1.der.BerInputStreamTest)
> failed with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError on DRLVM+GCv5 on 4 platforms.
> Note this test passed on DRLVM GCv4.1

Vladimir, I've reverted a commit that caused the failure. Now it
should have no problem.

> 2) DRLVM test test_freeMemoryClass (from java.lang.RuntimeTest)
> intermittently failed with "junit.framework.AssertionFailedError:
> Runtime.freeMemory method should be sensitive to huge memory
> allocating!". Issue 3711 was created to track it.

This should pass as well after the revert.

> 3) DRLVM kernel test testGetContextClassLoader_MainClass (from
> java.lang.ThreadTest) intermittently failed on DRLVM with
> java.util.NoSuchElementException. Issue 3838 was created to track it.

This one is not related to the reverted commit. It is suspected to be
an issue with the association mechanism between native thread and Java
thread. Still under investigation.

> I suggest excluding these tests up to end of failures evaluation if
> this evaluation will take long time (say, more than 1 day).
> Is it OK?
>  thanks, Vladimir

Basically I agree to exclude the third one for the moment.

Thanks, xiaofeng


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