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From "Vladimir Ivanov" <ivavladi...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][testing] how specify VM options for cunit tests?
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 09:02:49 GMT
I have a question about run of cunit tests: how I can specify
additional parameters for VM?
Now 'cunit.test.xml' does not support additional parameters (like
'test.vmargs'). When I tried to add this option and specify gc_cc to
use I saw 'debug' window with log like:
     [echo] ## Executing C unit test: test_java_attrs
     [exec] Result: -1073741819
     [echo] INFO: TEST test_jthread_get_priority start
     [echo] ## TEST FAILED
     [echo] ## Executing C unit test: test_java_basic
     [exec] Result: -1073741819

Is it expected behavior?

As I see, the vm started as: JNI_CreateJavaVM(&GLOBAL_VM, &jni_env, &args);
,i.e. parameter like '-XX:vm.dlls=gc_cc.dll' is passed to vm.

Command to run is (after update):
build.bat cunit.test -Dtest.vmargs=-XX:vm.dlls=gc_cc.dll

Note, command build.bat cunit.test -Dtest.vmargs=-showversion works fine.

 thanks, Vladimir

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