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From "Sergey Kuksenko" <sergey.kukse...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][jit][performance] Suggestion: Let's write some small and hot native(kernel) methods on vmmagics.
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 14:51:44 GMT
Hi All,

I'd like to suggest a performance improvement for Harmony DRLVM.
There is a fact that cost of calling small JNI methods is rather high.
>From the other side there are a vmmagics methods which allows to implement
such small methods directly on Java and generates a good and fast code.

For example:
Currently Object.getClass() works 8 times slower on DRLVM than on SUN VM.
This is because right now getClass() is JNI method.
We've done an experiment and rewrote the method on vmmagics.
For a small micro (iteration over getClass() call) we've got the following
improvement 11 sec -> 2,2 sec.
Speeup is 5x times.
Also we played with Thread.currentThread() method and got a good performance
boost on Dacapo benchmark.
For SciMask methods Double.doubleToLongBits() and Double.longBitsToDouble()
should be done on vmmagics.
And etc....

>From the other side it is incorrect having a main implemenation of these
methods on vmmagics. Because it needs to support vmmagics in interpreter
and/or any jit. Jitrino supports vmmagics, but for classlib implementation
we shouldn't rely on such support from JIT side.

Our goal is substituting a several hot native functions to magic-based
As well we will detect such hot methods in old or new benchmarks it makes
sense to do such substitution (if it is possible).
Thus it is better to have a good framework for it.
>From the other side we already have a part of such framework, If we look
into helper inline.

Other words helper inline can be divided into two parts:

-        Substitute direct call of helper method (asm or LIL based) to
separately pointed Java method. These Java methods are usually magic-based,
but in general they can be pure Java, if it is enough.

-        Inline these replacing methods.
So all that we need here is implement yet another substitor, which will
substitute some calls of some methods to  calls of vmmagic-based variants
and after that JIT can used the inliner from helper inline.
Having such optimization allows to get a reasonable performance for some
selected list of JNI methods.

Best regards,
Sergey Kuksenko.
Intel Enterprise Solutions Software Division.

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