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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] Supporting more platforms
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 16:58:37 GMT
On the 0x2DA day of Apache Harmony Mark Hindess wrote:
> I'm looking at what would need to be changed in drlvm to support more
> platforms.  (Specifically, I'm looking at macosx/ppc32 and I'll probably
> look at freebsd/x86 and maybe freebsd/x86_64.)  I thought I'd mention
> some of the issues I've found so far regarding changes I plan to make
> just to see if I'm taking a reasonable approach.

my 2c: 
may be I am telling very obvious things, but...

ppc32 is a lot of work for JIT. Unless we have dedicated people in
Jitrino Code Generator for ppc32 a good JIT does not promise to happen
soon. Although, the interpreter can be ported much faster.

> There are at least three locations that set up os/arch variables:
>   build/make/build.xml setup.xml targets/ehwa.test.xml
> For now, I'm just going to update all three, but really we need to
> figure out how to reconcile these.  (Ideally, we should reconcile them
> along with the classlib logic just as we need to figure out how to
> reconcile the shared dependencies.)
> I plan to add an if.unix property (or three ;-). Similarly, I plan to
> add an osfamily variable for use in the <select /> tags.  Ultimately,
> some of the directories called 'linux' might want to be renamed 'unix'
> but I'll tackle that after I've seen what code is likely to be common.
> Is the ant variable vm.port.includes defined anywhere?  (I spotted
> ${vm.port.includes} in verbose logs and just wondered if this was
> intentional?)
> Can we remove the env.MACHINE_ARCH variable and just use os.arch (as
> classlib does)?  Or is this a workaround for people building x86_64 with
> an ia32 jvm?
> Quite a few files contain #include <malloc.h> but the linux/freebsd/osx
> man page for malloc(3) says it should be #include <stdlib.h>.  I seem
> to recall making this change in classlib code at some point, but will
> fixing this in drlvm break anything?  Windows?
> I'll probably start making changes over the weekend.  Once I've made the
> basic build system changes then I guess I'll start looking at porting
> the actual code.
> Regards,
>  Mark.

Egor Pasko

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