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From "Yang Paulex" <paulex.y...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jdktools][jpda] Adapt Eclipse JDI implementation to complete JPDA support in Harmony
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 10:55:17 GMT
2007/4/20, Ivan Popov <ivan.g.popov@gmail.com>:
> I'd like to start discussion about JPDA (Java Platform Debug
> Architecture [1]) support in Harmony. JPDA is de-facto standard for
> Java debug interface and is used by most Java debuggers. JPDA
> specification [2] is included into J2SE docs (but not in the core API
> spec) and is implemented in all commercial JDKs.
> Harmony already implements two underlying JPDA layers - JVMTI and
> JDWP, but it misses implementation of the high layer - JDI (Java Debug
> Interface [2]), which is used directly by Java debuggers. Currently,
> Harmony works well with Eclipse debugger, because Eclipse uses its own
> JDI implementation. But other Java debuggers (e.g., in Netbeans,
> JBuilder, and Idea IDEs) won't work with Harmony, because it lacks
> JDI. Netbeans 5.5 started on Harmony JDK produces several complains
> about missed JDI and disables all modules related to debugging. I'm
> not sure if Java TCK checks for JDI API, as it looks like optional
> component, but having JDI implementation may also facilitate passing
> TCK.
> The easiest way to implement JDI in Harmony is to adapt existing JDI
> implementation from Eclipse, as was already done for Eclipse Java
> compiler. I don't think there are any legal issues here and this looks
> easy from technical perspective.
> JDI implementation is included into Eclipse JDT runtime bundle,
> available on Eclipse download page [3]. JDI-related jars can be
> extracted and used separately from other Eclipse stuff. Adding them to
> Harmony JDK will provide Harmony with JDI implementation and enable
> Java debuggers other than Eclipse.
> If nobody objects to this approach I volunteer to work on technical
> details and provide required patches.

Great! +1 from me

> Ivan Popov
> Intel Enterprise Solutions Software Division
> [1] http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/core/toolsapis/jpda/
> [2] http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/jpda/index.html
> [3]
> http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops/R-3.2.2-200702121330/

Paulex Yang
China Software Development laboratory

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