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From "Alexey Varlamov" <alexey.v.varla...@gmail.com>
Subject [general][site] time to update/adjust roadmap?
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 12:57:56 GMT
The roadmap published on our site is few months old; I filed an
operational fix to HARMONY-3753. But I think we may want to discuss
and maybe agree on a (major) schedule update.

I believe we're done with following items:
- 97% of Java SE 5 class library coverage;
- DRLVM is stable with reasonable performance;
- work begins on Java SE 6 features

Let's revise what is to be done (leaving alone TCK issues), for
Harmony to be on par with JDK15:
1) Complete few missing APIs, mostly swing and javax.sql.rowset.serial
(in progress?);
2) Refresh (?) integration with j.u.c, mx4j and Yoko - what is the
current status?;
3) Implement a few VM features:
 - class unloading;
 - class redefinition;
 - class data sharing;
 - Server-Class Machine Detection;
4) Add most of tools, almost no progress here :( ;
 - JPDA in progress?
5) Deployment features - not planned yet?
 - Java web start support;
 - Browser plugins;
6) AWT Native Interface - not planned?
7) Smth I missed?

So the questions are:
- Is it too early to talk about official releases? Should we record
schedule for development releases in the roadmap?
- Do we fit to Q2 with releasing JRE and which VM features will be included?
- Apparently JDK will be incomplete in Q2 and I'm hesitant to record a
deadline for tools readiness in the near future - so will we just
release a "stripped" JDK version as soon as JRE released, or set a
separate schedule?

Sorry if my statement of the problem is too messy, but I feel we need
to manage our plans opportunely.


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