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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [snapshot] Freezing the code for Milestone build?
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 14:47:53 GMT
Tim Ellison wrote:
> To ensure we get a stable build we need to freeze the code for a short
> duration, which will allow us to:
>  - produce the set of milestone candidates,
>    i.e. a full rebuild on Windows, Linux (with libstdc++ v5 dependency)
>    and Linux (with libstdc++ v6 dependency) in JRE, JDK, and HDK
>    formats.  At this point we will still only publish x86 snapshots.
>  - test the snapshots,
>    i.e. test installs (it would be good if you have a machine without
>    your usual development environment set up to ensure we don't have
>    dependencies on dev tools); and testing various applications to check
>    they work as well as we would expect for this snapshot.
> While we do this it is helpful if the codebase is not being changed.  It
> sounds like people are happy enough to freeze HEAD rather than create a
> branch, so let's do that.
> During the freeze there should be no commits unless we agree here on the
> dev list that there is a problem serious enough for us to re-spin a new
> candidate.  I would hope that producing the snapshots and some focused
> testing can happen over one or two days (max) to declare the build good.
>  Once the milestone is declared good we will reopen for development as
> usual.
> Does that sound like a reasonable procedure?  Did I miss anything out?
> so:
>  - when do we freeze (today/tomorrow)? any outstanding MUST fix's?

I am going to commit patch in HARMONY-3730 in no one objects. The bug is 
marked critical and the fix for it is simple and doesn't affect stability.

>  - volunteers with machines for producing the candidates?
> Regards,
> Tim


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