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From "Alexander Kleymenov" <kleyme...@gmail.com>
Subject [bti] Harmony Build and Testing Infrastructure - Directions for further development
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 06:09:50 GMT

Here I'm trying to describe the main directions of further BTI development.
Along with bug fixing and improvement works I see the following high priority
directions affecting general BTI usage model and the works on new Test Suites
(TS) integrations:

1. As BTI is under SVN, its usage model should be actualized to behave
according to Proposed Use Cases.
(for more info see README.txt, section "Test Execution (post
integration vision)")

2. At present each of the TS integrations implements its own Execution Status
Notification functionality. It could be better to implement publishing
as a separate BTI component and [re]use it by TS integrations.
Among the other obvious gains it will:
 - eliminate code doubling among the suites,
 - speed up and simplify the integration scripts development process,
 - make the integration scripts more clear and less error-prone,
 - unify the notification message format,
 - allow to concentrate all the publishing configuration functionality
in one place.

3. Documentation, Documentation, Documentation.

Another actual works on BTI are:

 - Support for multiple default values for required parameters.
 - Optional parameters management/processing.
 - Support for conditional external dependencies fetching.
 - Allocate the functionality 'supporting' Test Suites Integration Scripts
   in the special BTI module (say support.xml). This module could contain the
   functionality performing the work with SVN, Ant execution, and other
   procedures reused among the many Test Suites integration scripts.
 - Bug fixing


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