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From "Xiao-Feng Li" <xiaofeng...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] Reminder: stable build goal at end of month
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 00:18:26 GMT
GCv5 might be one "major" that we want to put as default GC in DRLVM.
It still has some issues pending, but overall I think the stability is
good enough for a switch next week.

Since GC is designed with good modularity, we can simply choose which
GC implementation to use in command line with
'-XX:vm.dlls=the_gc_module.dll(so)". This is neat that helps the
switch a lot: If GCv5 has some problem running a workload, we can
specify -XX:vm.dlls=gc_cc.dll in command line.

So far the known bugs in GCv5 are not with some workloads, but related
with certain test cases for finalizer and VM threading. And I think
they are going to be resolved before next week.


On 4/16/07, Tim Ellison <t.p.ellison@gmail.com> wrote:
> Just a reminder, as discussed in various threads, we shall aim to
> produce a solid build for Windows and Linux x86 (at least) at the end of
>  next week; so that we have something to demo at ApacheCon and JavaOne
> that is a true reflection of our current capabilities.
> Of course, the Milestone will be simply a snapshot, carrying our usual
> caveats.  The idea is that with conference talks taking place we may
> expect a few people to download a build and try it around that time, so
> being in the middle of a major restructuring would potentially do us an
> injustice.
> Most commits still seem to be on-going bug fixing, so that's all
> goodness.  If you are planning on anything 'major' please ensure there
> is enough time to get it stable, or please wait until after the
> milestone build.  Similarly, if there is anything that is currently
> 'broken' that you think really needs fixing for that stability, please
> shout here on the list.
> There are still two weeks to go, I think the paranoia about not causing
> regressions will really kick-in next week :-)
> Regards,
> Tim


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