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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject [snapshot] Freezing the code for Milestone build?
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 09:18:34 GMT
To ensure we get a stable build we need to freeze the code for a short
duration, which will allow us to:

 - produce the set of milestone candidates,
   i.e. a full rebuild on Windows, Linux (with libstdc++ v5 dependency)
   and Linux (with libstdc++ v6 dependency) in JRE, JDK, and HDK
   formats.  At this point we will still only publish x86 snapshots.

 - test the snapshots,
   i.e. test installs (it would be good if you have a machine without
   your usual development environment set up to ensure we don't have
   dependencies on dev tools); and testing various applications to check
   they work as well as we would expect for this snapshot.

While we do this it is helpful if the codebase is not being changed.  It
sounds like people are happy enough to freeze HEAD rather than create a
branch, so let's do that.

During the freeze there should be no commits unless we agree here on the
dev list that there is a problem serious enough for us to re-spin a new
candidate.  I would hope that producing the snapshots and some focused
testing can happen over one or two days (max) to declare the build good.
 Once the milestone is declared good we will reopen for development as

Does that sound like a reasonable procedure?  Did I miss anything out?

 - when do we freeze (today/tomorrow)? any outstanding MUST fix's?
 - volunteers with machines for producing the candidates?


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