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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [testing] today’s failures of classlib tests on Linux to investigate
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 08:32:41 GMT
Ruth Cao wrote:
> Hi Gregory,
> Thanks so much for the detailed analysis. And I finally reproduce this 
> failure on my side since setting up the environment takes a lot of time :-(
> I modified the findError method when fixing Harmony-2387, in which the 
> hysock_connect_with_timeout has a bug. I added this entry since the 
> getsockopt method returns a error code of zero when it indicates success.
> Now it seems that this schema does not apply to everything. May you pls 
> revert this change? And I'll provide a new patch for Harmony-2387. Sorry 
> for any inconvenience caused.
> Besides, I wonder why this failure does not happen on IBMVME/Linux, 
> sometimes even cannot reproduce on DRLVM/Linux32. I'll also take a 
> closer look. Thanks a lot.

I think that since free is done on uninitialized pointer, it is just 
pure luck that this pointer may sometimes be NULL, so free doesn't 
complain. For me this crash is best reproducible on x86_64, probably 
stack layout is different on this architecture so addrinfo doesn't get 
mapped on stack area with NULL values in it.

> Gregory Shimansky wrote:
>> Vladimir Ivanov wrote:
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> in case if someone miss the CC notification: now the classlib tests
>>> crashed/ hang up on the Linux boxes when run over DRLVM.
>>> Notifications were send ~12hours ago.
>>> Failed tests:
>>> Linux x86_64 (hang up):
>>> TEST-org.apache.harmony.archive.tests.java.util.jar.JarExecTest.xml
>>> Linux x86 (trying to reproduce):
>>> TEST-org.apache.harmony.archive.tests.java.util.jar.JarFileTest.xml
>>> TEST-org.apache.harmony.security.tests.PolicyEntryTest.xml
>>> TEST-org.apache.harmony.security.tests.java.security.cert.CertificateFactory4Test.xml

>> I've found the reason of crash of 
>> org.apache.harmony.archive.tests.java.util.jar.JarExecTest. The reason 
>> for it is actually commit in revision 514596. Most likely other tests 
>> fail for the same reason. The sequence that leads to a crash looks 
>> like this:
>> 1. Java calls Java_java_net_InetAddress_getHostByNameImpl with a host 
>> name "jcltest.apache.org".
>> 2. It calls hysock_getaddrinfo with this name and uninitialized 
>> hyaddrinfo_struct addrinfo variable.
>> 3. Function hysock_getaddrinfo calls system function getaddrinfo and 
>> it returns not null which means error.
>> 4. In this case hysock_getaddrinfo reads errno and records it in 
>> errorCode. But errorCode appears to be 0. Looking at man page for 
>> getaddrinfo I see that only in case of EAI_SYSTEM it sets errno to 
>> some specific value. In other cases errno state is not specified.
>> 5. Function hysock_getaddrinfo records an error with errorCode 0 using 
>> findError. Since after the change in 514596 the errorCode 0 means 
>> HYPORT_SUCCESS, then it is considered to be no error. Previously 
>> before that change findError would return HYPORT_ERROR_SOCKET_OPFAILED.
>> 6. Since hysock_getaddrinfo returned HYPORT_SUCCESS which is 0, the 
>> function Java_java_net_InetAddress_getHostByNameImpl continues to work 
>> with uninitialized addrinfo variable.
>> 7. When Java_java_net_InetAddress_getHostByNameImpl calls to 
>> hysock_freeaddrinfo, free is called on unintialized pointer which 
>> leads to a crash.


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