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From "Mikhail Loenko" <mloe...@gmail.com>
Subject [general] Harmony Q2 release requirements
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 08:53:11 GMT
According to our high-level roadmap [1] we were going to make our
first release in Q2. Let's define what we would like to see in our Q2
release. If there are no objections let's discuss what we want that
release being able to do.

I suggest that we focus on stability measured by being able to
successfully run a few solid applications and by pass rates for the
test suites.
So, I think in Q2 we should 1) run reasonable set of applications 2)
have reasonable testing infrastructure and 3) pass reasonable set of
test suites.

Though we will be happy to accept all the patches that fix existing
problems or add missing functionality, I suggest that people who hang
around will focus on those scenarios that we will choose here

Objections? :)

If there are no objections again, I'd like to propose that we will target:

1) keeping all the enabled apps in the "up" state
(we will create a list of enabled apps and put them all into cruise control)

2) running 2-3 open source server-side software

3) running 2-3 open source developers tools

4) setting up necessary testing infrastructure and having near 100%
pass rates for the suites we have

5) what about commercial software? Some time ago we agreed that it's
OK to report failures/regression of commercial software. Should we
have them in the "requirements" to our Q2 release?

Since currently the most stable platform is Windows/IA32 I suggest
that Harmony Q2 will be released on that specific platform



[1] http://harmony.apache.org/roadmap.html

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