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From "Stepan Mishura" <stepan.mish...@gmail.com>
Subject [buildtest] Update: Apache Tomcat 5.5 testing scenario was integrated.
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 11:53:03 GMT

I'd like to give an update about current status of buildtest infra.

Currently the infra is restructured to simplify integration of new
testing scenarios. As an example application testing scenario Tomcat
unit tests were integrated to CC (r522489). So to setup CC to run
Tomcat unit tests: type 'ant -Dmodules=Apache-Tomcat5.5 setup'

However there are several issues to be resolved to run tests successfully:
1) ecj*.jar conflict with ANT_HOME/lib: resolved by setting
compiler="modern" for jasper
2) no property to set jvm for running tests: resolved by hardcoding jvm param
3) conflict with CC on port 8080: no resolution yet - tried to set
port to 8081 in build/build/conf/server.xml but it doesn't work
4) CC status is passed in case of failed unit tests: not resolved
5) notification log should be improved, currently it is useless

If someone knows how to configure Tomcat unit tests to use another
port number please give me a hint. If it is not possible we have to
change default port for CC.

Stepan Mishura
Intel Enterprise Solutions Software Division

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