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From "LvJimmy´╝îJing" <firep...@gmail.com>
Subject [Classlib][General] Looking for some profiler tools to use
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 02:29:45 GMT
Hi All,
    Harmony has reach 95% API coverage, IMHO it may be a good time to
start performance profiler/tuning. If so, I'd like  to do some
performance profiler on Harmony Classlib from now on ;)
    In order to look for performance bottleneck, we need some profiler
tools. I've looked for some profiler to use in the while, but none of
them work perfectly.
    I've tried yourkit (with a evaluation key, I try this because it
looks powerful and may offer a Open source project license for free),
seems it check VM version and ask for sun's jdk or IBM sdk5, so
Harmony fails on it (with DRLVM or IBMVME, I haven't try other VM yet.
    There's also some open source profiler. JRat works well with some
of benchmarks, but we can not use it with Harmony kernel classes and
some kernel-related class(e.g. Hashtable), as it uses a
instrumentation machnism and causes a circular reference. And some
other open source profilers use JVMPI but Harmony even can not run on
it at all (if I do not mis-configure something).
    In all, I think we need a profiler that:
    1. use JVMTI, avoid instrumentation that may causes a circular
reference, and it is better that it do not use old JVMPI, for Harmony
is J2SE5 classlib;
    2. Do not check VM version, that means, use public API as JVMTI,
in this way Harmony-compatible VM can work well on it
    3. stable and powerful  :)
    Of course it'll be better if the profiler has a UI, but it is not necessary.

    Do someone have some experience on profilers? Can someone tell if
there's a good profiler for Harmony classlib? Thanks!


Best Regards!

Jimmy, Jing Lv
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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