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From "Nathan Beyer" <ndbe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [drlvm][threading] using a thread verification tool to find deadlock and race conditions
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 16:06:13 GMT
How invasive would this be? Would it be always present or a special build?


On 3/9/07, Leviev, Ilia A <ilia.a.leviev@intel.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have started using http://intel.com/thread_checker_download.zip to
> find deadlock and race conditions in the VM.
> First I have checked Harmony which run Hello World
> Application and tool have detected about 30 race conditions. But on some
> DRLVM kernel tests it shows several hundred problems.
> There some problem of tracking Harmony code by the Thread Checker.
> The reason for this is that the Intel Thread Checker supports
> interpretation only of standard APIs for Windows and POSIX threading.
> Any specially built synchronization constructs that are not part of
> Windows
> API or POSIX API are not normally tracked by the Thread Checker.
> However, the Thread Checker includes the User-Level Synchronization API
> that to help gather information related to user-defined synchronization
> constructs.
> Thus if we use our own synchronization we should inform Thread Checker
> runtime about it. Otherwise the tool will generate incorrect diagnostics
> and will be useless for us.
> In other words, to gain full benefit from Thread Checker, the VM
> developers will need to embed thread checker calls in the
> synchronization code.  Should we put this on the harmony development
> schedule for Q2?
> Thanks,
> Ilya Leviev
> Intel Enterprise Solutions Software Division

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