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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] Ignoring Sun command line options?
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:49:11 GMT
Zakharov, Vasily M wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I'm now trying to run Netbeans on Harmony. On IBM VM it starts,
> though with many errors, but on DRL VM it exits immediately with
> the following diagnostic:
> Unknown option -XX:PermSize=32m
> Use java -help to get help on command line options
> The problem is Netbeans startup file is .exe that makes up the
> command line and starts java. And that .exe adds -XX:PermSize
> and -XX:MaxPermSize options to command line, and DRL VM can't
> handle them.
> JRockit also doesn't support these options, but it just ignores
> them and starts normally:
> [JRockit] WARNING:  '-XX:PermSize=32m' is not a valid VM option.
> Ignoring.
> [JRockit] WARNING:  '-XX:MaxPermSize=160m' is not a valid VM option.
> Ignoring.
> I think we should follow the JRockit/IBM way in DRL VM and ignore
> Sun options we do not support.
> My suggestion is to file this as an app-oriented RI-compatibility bug
> in DRLVM and fix it as such.
> What do you think?

Create a JIRA for this.


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