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From "Alexander Kleymenov" <kleyme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (HARMONY-617) [classlib][luni] HttpURLConnection does not support persistent connections
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 10:04:53 GMT
Hi Sian,

Sian January wrote:
> My latest patch (luni3.patch) fixes Alexander's tests to comply with the
> RI on how proxied connections are reused. I have not yet separated out
> the tests that are implementation specific but I am planning to move
> them into a separate class in the same package (e.g.
>     org.apache.harmony.tests.internal.net.www.protocol.http.PersistenceTest)
> unless anyone disagrees.

Thank you for the improvement! Everything works fine with your latest patch.
In addition to it I've added patch implementing new test cases
for persistent https connections. Please, check them and give me know if
there are any questions or issues.

In additions to existing test cases it could be suitable for us to
implement test cases checking for security issues
(related to checkConnect, getProperty and others).

What's regarding new test - I agree with package name, but to fully comply
with "Testing Conventions Used in the Apache Harmony Class Library" [1] we
should place implementation specific tests in luni/src/test/impl
directory. It seems that luni module does not comply with conventions,
but it's a good chance for us to start moving it in right direction.

Another point for discussion could be test cases using connections to
external web servers. I agree with necessity of such a 'real world'
operation testing, but such the tests are more like system tests, not
unit. Among the other things with such tests they require some external
environment [pre]configuration: access to the internet or (in case of
its unavailability) local web server launching.  Parameters of
such a configuration (in our case it is address, port and, perhaps,
proxy used for connection) should be passed to the test before
its execution. Only in this case such tests can operate correctly and do
what is expected.

As I know there is no means for implementation of such a tests
on classlib yet. Although there were related discussions turned on this problem,
but did not reached final resolution (see [2] for example).

I could suggest the mechanism resolving this.
It can be implemented similar to DRLVM regression testing framework:
To launch system test cases we can implement Ant's scripts
checking/making required environment configuration and starting the test with
passing required parameters. In our case we can check for internet
connection and use external web server, or launch Jetty if it is unavailable.
There is no need in code duplication for test cases differing from each
other only by external system configuration. In our case the test cases
checking real-world operation could look like follows:

    1. Launch Jetty before execution:

       <target name="test" depends="launch-jetty">

           <run-junit-test "o.a.harmony.test.HttpURLConnectionTest"


    2. Executed only in case of direct internet access:

       <target name="test" if="internet.connection.exists">

           <run-junit-test "o.a.harmony.test.HttpURLConnectionTest"


Our JUnit test will remain as is in the same location as now, but new system
test cases (like above) will use it from different perspective - not as
a unit functional, but as a system functional test.

Such an approach is simple, quite universal, does not require much coding work,
does not depend on new external tools and libraries, and could be easily
integrated into current repository/build/testing system.
What does Community think of it?

Thank you,

[1] "Testing Conventions Used in the Apache Harmony Class Library":

[2] [testing] code for exotic configurations
    Somewhere at:

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