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From "LvJimmy´╝îJing" <firep...@gmail.com>
Subject [VM]take action for native memory control (was: Re: [VM]How to trigue GC while free native memory is low.)
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 09:34:44 GMT
Hi All,
    I open a new thread for this topic as I'd like to take action for
this. As RI behaves different from Harmony (it never throw that
memory-out-error), it should be a bug of Harmony and we should fix it,
so I open a JIRA, HARMONY-3148 to record this bug and action on it.
    Up to now, I see two kinds of solutions:
    One solution that is perfect to me is that modify current GC to
handle this native memory , it may use Java heap as native memory, or
try to control native memory as Java heap. But  IMHO, this may be a
long way to go to reach this target, requiring long discussion and
well-design for new GC(and VM).
    Other poor but quick solution is detect native memory usage in
classlib native code, and call System.gc() if necessary. This is a
fast fix and at least solve part of the problem. A little study on
this solution shows its feasibility and it may not require so much
work as the perfect solution.
    So I suggest patch our code with this quick solution in the while,
and if GC gets ready for the perfect solution, we remove this patch.
During this period, more discussion for the design are still welcomed.
     Any ideas/suggestions/comments? Thanks.


Best Regards!

Jimmy, Jing Lv
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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