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From Kalpak Gadre <kalpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] snapshots and a developers build
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 15:27:19 GMT

> I don't understand. Let me try to repeat :
> 1) You have two accounts you post from.  Yes?  What are they?
> 2) Are those two accounts both subscribed to the list?
> 3) You get all list traffic except your own when posting from gmail?
> Are there any spam filters or such w/ gmail that might be catching 
> your own mails?
> geir
I switched from mail account kalpak_gadre[ at ]omniscientweb[ dot ]com 
to kalpakrg[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com
for receiving mails on the later. I unsubscribed from old one. Now when 
i send any mail from the new
account to list, it wont appear in incoming from list. Now i re 
subscribed from old account and the mails
seem to work normal. But as pointed by Mikhail, he also does not see his 
mails on list. The problem seems
to be with gmail.


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