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From "Zakharov, Vasily M" <vasily.m.zakha...@intel.com>
Subject [swing] NPE if UI is not attached (HARMONY-2613)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 00:50:49 GMT
Hi, all,

There's a frequent issue in Swing, that some methods throw NPE if
they're called before UI is attached to a component, while RI does not.
A good example of this issue is HARMONY-2613.

There're only few methods affected, and the fix is rather simple, but
the question of proper regression is unclear, as the problem is rather
common and may be accidentially introduced to other methods in fiture. I
see the following ways to provide a regression:

- As usually, add regression cases only for the methods affected by the

- Add regression cases for all methods in the affected classes that do
not throw NPE on RI.

- Add regression for all methods of the affected classes at all.

I wonder what would be the right thing to do. What do you think?


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